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Site FAQ

Help and FAQ

Getting Logged In

1. Login to the WisSports site from the upper left of the website:

2. After clicking to access the login area, enter the verified email address that is listed on your account and click next. On the following page, enter your password and click "Sign In". 

WSN Extra Subscription

 1. To access WSN Extra content please enter your email address and password or hit "subscribe" when prompt appears. 

 2. Proceed through the subscription registration if needed and upon completion, you will be able to enter your email and password to access WSN Extra content going forward. 

How to find a school page on WSN

 1. Use the "School Finder" search bar located on the top right of the website.

 2. Enter name of school and names will dynamically appear alphabetically.

2. Click on your username in the upper left corner and click on your name. 

3. Click on "Registrations"

 4. From here you can choose 'Make Payment' which will allow you to make a payment early or change your credit card.  Please note when you change your credit card it will make your next payment due the same day.  If you wish to cancel your subscription at any time, simply click 'Cancel'.

Where is the WSN Forum?

 1. The WSN Forum is now located on the left near the top. (see image below)